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Five for Last Chance Friday

It's another Five for Friday, and it's been quite the week! I've been in school all week, trying to get my classroom ready. Today was the last chance to work in the room, since Monday and Tuesday are meetings, Tuesday night is "Meet and Greet the Teachers", and Wednesday is the official first day. 

I had posted HERE about how my sunny classroom made all the tape stick to my furniture, and I posted HERE about the process to get all that tape off my furniture. That was where a good chunk of my week went!

Besides cleaning off all the tape, I had to scrub the desks to get them ready for the kiddos. I just can't imagine them coming to school with "permadirt" from the kids the year before. The white boards also needed a scrubbing. You could actually see where the kids had written word from last year, and it just wouldn't wash off. I finally took a Magic Eraser and bleach spray, and now they are ready for new students. 

Another time consumer was running off and putting together the Writer's Workshop folders for the year and preparing the writing materials. Writer's Workshop is a big part of my classroom, and I'm always thrilled with the writing skills the children come with from first grade. Then they develop even better writing skills in second grade!

All the materials I use are found in this set:

and can be found HERE.

Here's a closer look at the collection:

Preparing the folders includes running off most of the resources, some in different colors, punching holes, and putting them into the folders. I also made a variety of 5 page booklets for them to get started, with different kinds of lined paper, and different colors for covers. We're ready to start Writer's Workshop on Day 1!

The week was mostly working on school stuff, but not all... on Thursday I drove down to Boston to get my daughter (she needed o do some serious New Hampshire shopping). After an awesome job parellel parking (on the left, no less!) we walked to this very cool Asian Shabu restaurant. Shabu means "hot pot". They actually have a boiling pot of broth on the table, and you cook the meat and the veggies yourself right there at the table. It was not only delicious, but it was totally fun!

I overslept this morning, then rushed into school for the final last chance on the room. I finished putting up decorations, sorted and labeled supplies, ran off papers, put the last few things away, and finally put the nametags on the desks. I'm as ready as I'm ever going to be, except for a few things I have to put together this weekend.

Why no pictures? Because they kicked us out of the building at 4:00! I was racing around trying to get things done. 

What did I do next? I came home, took a shower, and crashed on the couch for 2 hours. Boy, was I tired!

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  1. I am so lucky that I never get kicked out of the building! I tend to get the most done late night and early morning so I love working in a building that has open hours for teachers.

    The Math Maniac

    1. We can stay pretty late during the school year, but during the summer, no one works late.I like when it's quiet with no distractions!



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