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Brain Breaks are Essential for Learning!

Brain research tells us that movement is an important part of learning. Research also tells us that children can only pay attention for about as many minutes as their age, plus or minus two minutes. That means that my second graders can pay attention at max, about 9 minutes. That also means some of my little ones can only hold it together for 5 minutes! (Yep, that sounds about right!)

There are so many types of brain breaks!  Some involve a lot of movement, enough to get your heart racing. Others include just a quick stretch and breath. Still others are just a break from the routine, without movement at all. It's important to use all sorts of brain breaks in the classroom!

You're in luck! I have quite a collection of brain breaks on my Brain Break Pinterest page!

If you aren't familiar with Go Noodle, it's time you checked it out!

Just go to gonoodle.com and set up a free account! Then enjoy! Each little video is totally fun, different, and wakes those kids up so they'll be ready for the next part of your lesson. Seriously, I can't say enough great stuff about Go Noodle. And... did I mention it was free?

Here's a brain break freebie to help you start the year. Click HERE to download 12 different Brain Breaks with a back to school theme!

Brain Breaks help the kiddos learn their sight words with this game! The brain breaks are shuffled right into the deck of words and phrases for them! They love those brain breaks so much, this became the most popular game in the classroom! This one is made up of Fry's first hundred words, but I have several sets of these, including a Bundle. You can find this game HERE.

It works with Math, too! Here are a whole set of addition and subtraction facts for the kiddos to learn, with a research based sequential order for learning. It includes a gameboard for practice and... brain breaks! You can download it HERE.

I'm linking up with other Brain Break Bloggers for the Brain Break Blitz! Click the image to see the linky!

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