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Let's Have Some Fun!

Anyone else feeling nervous/ scared/ overwhelmed/ excited/ confused/ distressed/ insecure, and downright STRESSED about going back to school?  

Well, you're not alone!

Research proves that a good way to release some stress is to LAUGH!

Here's how to participate in my Let's Have Some Fun Linky Party!

I'll start! Here's my funny story:

Last year, we had a very warm day for our field day. The kids were all spread into the different groups playing all sorts of games. I was working at the "Limbo" stations.  Every 10 minutes or so, the Phys Ed teacher would get on his bull horn and tell the kids to move to their next station.

At one of the changes, one of my little guys came to my station with a big smile, pouring water from his water bottle onto his head.  

He was saying, "I'm dying! I'm absolutely dying!"
Then he looked to the sky, raising his hands to the sky saying, 
"I can see heaven!"

Boy I miss these little guys! (Well, not too much, I'm still enjoying my summer vacation!)

Part 2: My Fun Product:

This one is hot off the press! 

The children work their way around the school supplies game board answering questions such as "What is your favorite book?" and "What do you want to be when you grow up?" It also has some brain break cards built in!

Here's what the set looks like: 

Of course, the kids will just think it's a Get to Know You activity, but I have ulterior motives: I plan to teach the GAME PROCEDURES such as taking turns, checking your partner's answers, saying kind words to your partner, and shaking hands at the end of the game.

I also plan on teaching them to state their answer in a full sentence, using words from the question.Yes, I have high hopes for my second graders, but they'll get it! Those oral language skills do matter, don't they?

It just so happens that this game and several other fun products will be on sale Monday and Tuesday at the Teachers Pay Teachers Blast off Back to School Sale! If you use the promo code, all my items will be 28% off! Click the image below for a link to my store!

The sale doesn't start until Monday, but it's not too soon to start moving items into your shopping cart!

Now it's time to link up! Don't forget to use the picture from the top of the page, and link back to this post!


  1. Great idea for a link up! I love reading about funny moments in the classroom!

  2. Thanks, Terri! I think at this time of year, we all need a funny story!



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