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Word Work Essentials!

Word Work
Word Work is an essential part of any reading lesson. Children need to know sight words, and they need to know how to attack words they don't already know. I make a point to have plenty of materials around my classrooms to give the children practice on word work.

Short and Long Vowel Word Sort and Fluency Practice

Vowel Word Sort and Fluency Practice

My favorite word work practice tools are these Vowel Word Work pages. This set has plenty of flexibility and possibilities. It has 2 pages for each vowel, a nonsense word page, and a real word page. Each page has long and short vowel patterns for he children to sort, discuss, and notice patterns. Each vowel page is color coded.
These children below are working together to sort the long a words into one pile, and the short a words into another pile. 
Vowel Word Sort and Fluency Practice

Here's another possibility for these word sort pages. I run off the sheets as booklets. These children are highlighting all the vowels in the words. This is important for determining if the vowel uses its long or short sound. (They LOVE using the highlighters!)
Vowel Word Sort and Fluency Practice

Bowling Word Work

Bowling ou, ow, oi, oy, and oo

Strike Vowel Teams is a BINGO game to practice vowel teams. (I have several sets of BINGO games... the kids love them!) This game moves quickly, so there are plenty of game cards in the set, so the children can swap cards and play a few times! Besides listening for vowel sounds, there's a little bit of strategy involved, so it keeps them thinking as well as as reviewing the vowel teams.
Bowling ou, ow, oi, oy, and oo

football theme vowel practice

football themed vowel practice

Touchdown R Controlled Vowels is my best seller! This is another BINGO game, this one practicing the R controlled vowel sounds. I have some guys that love football year round, so I don't have to put this popular game away when the season is over.
football themed vowel practice

These are just a few of the word work sets I have on Teachers Pay Teachers. Click HERE to see my Word Work sets! 

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