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Teacher Appreciation Makes for a Good Week!

We had Teacher Appreciation week this week in my school, and I have to say, we are the luckiest teachers around! It made for a truly great week!

1. Well fed!  We had a yummy breakfast on Tuesday and a fabulous lunch on Thursday!

Trust me, the picture doesn't do it justice! The tough part was going back to class to teach when we really felt like napping!

2. Goodies! We found a few little treats this week, like the plants pictured at the top, seeds for our gardens, and raffle tickets for some really cool stuff! I didn't win, but, hey, aren't raffles fun? It sure made me feel appreciated!

3. Buds! Our class tree finally has buds! We've been sketching our tree all year as it changed. It changed a lot in the fall, so we got plenty of sketching done then, but it didn't change much since then! We did get one sketch done in March with huge snow piles in front of the tree, but there are finally buds, and we had a nice day on Wednesday, so we went out and sketched. Did I think to take any pictures of the tree? Nope, I was too busy taking pictures of the kiddos!

4. Lilacs! The lilacs are finally in bloom! We took a little walk outside to see our state's flower... and smell them! (There is absolutely nothing like the smell of lilacs!) Then the kiddos went back and painted our state flower. They were amazed to know that lilacs only last about a week before the flowers are gone, and they got a chance to see them and smell them! Their pictures were priceless!

Plus, the kids were so into their painting, I got to pull 6 kids and teach them the dance for next week's Memorial Day assembly! They're going to be awesome!

5. Sad news-  A custodian that works in our district, who worked in our school for many years, passed away suddenly this week. He was truly one of those rare, really good people. Howie, you'll be missed by many. Thanks for being part of our lives in our little school.

I'm linking up with Doodle Bugs Teaching!
Be sure to stop by and see what's going on in other schools in the country! Can you believe, some schools are actually getting out for the summer? We have 24 more days (Not that we're counting or anything!)

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