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Another Exhausting But Productive Week

It has been another exhausting week! Why am I so tired by Friday?

Well, maybe it's because I spend my week doing things like this:

1. Repotting impatiens - I admit, I've done this activity every year for more years than I dare mention, but it's always a success, every time!  The kids love that they get to put their hands right into the soil, and they love choosing the plant their mom would like best. They take such pride in their work! Plus, they get to keep the plant on their desk for the rest of the week until they take it home for Mother's Day. They look forward to coming into school each morning and checking out how their plant was growing!

2. Extra impatiens - Yes, all the children repot their own impatiens, but I make sure there are plenty of extras.  Why? Bribery! If they are successful and work well, their prize is getting to keep one of the extra plants on their desk for the day. This is better than gold!

3. Doctor's appointment - I had a doctor's appointment on Wednesday, and because of the timing, I had to take the whole day off. I ended up staying VERY late Tuesday making sub plans, then I ended up staying VERY late Thursday trying to organize everything from my day out. Maybe that's why I'm so tired?

4. End of Year Testing - Even though we have 6 weeks left of school (29 days, but who's counting?) the end of the year testing has started. After the rough winter we had this year, the kids are already showing the need for a longer break. (We just got back from Spring break on Monday!) They are tired and cranky and getting on each others' nerves. This shouldn't be starting until June! I fear for the results of that end of year testing with a group of kids who can't focus at the beginning of May!

5. Pop ups - Somehow, today I got them to hold it together long enough to get their work done, so there would be time to make pop up cards for mom! I like the kind of project where I just give them the outline, then they can be creative from that point.  Look at the fabulous job they did!

I'm linking up with Doodle Bugs again this week! Be sure to check out this linky party!

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  1. Ah, getting hands dirty with planting. Nothing like it! And Pop-up cards... I forgot about those. Well, Father's Day is right around the corner! Clicked on you through Five for Friday, though I follow you other ways.


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