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Vacation at Last!

The rest of the real world has already had their spring break. Now my spring break has finally arrived when everyone else is winding down the year. I'm sooooooo ready for this vacation!

I thought I'd link up with Doodle Bugs for Five for Friday... and it's still Friday!

Here are a few things from my week:

1. Easter!  I got to see my favorite person for Easter!
Six of us went out to eat at a local restaurant and had a great time. 

Yes, there are only 5 in the picture, so here's the second picture, also with 5.

 Maybe we should have asked someone to take the picture, so all 6 of us could be in the same photo!

2. Progress Reports! Yes, my Easter weekend was also filled with Progress Reports. It seems we just did report cards, so these came fast. But they're done, and they went out on Wednesday.  Whew!

3. Earth Day! My students were able to participate in a Distance Learning Earth Day program which was great fun! 

They made these great little pins to represent the 5 Rs: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Replenish, and Repair!

Plus, they learned some sign language, too! They loved it, plus they wore their pins for the rest of the week!

4. Academic Fair! Thursday night was the night the children bring their parents to school to show them all they've been learning all year. We spent the day cleaning and finishing up some Earth Day Persuasive Writing pieces, complete with a model of themselves holding globes. (Why didn't I take pictures, they're adorable!) I showed a video of my kids reading poetry that we'd worked on, plus a Power Point of pictures that I'd been collecting on the kids all year. They had their favorite books on display, and I had a couple of games out. It was a grand success. I was so tired after my 14 hour day, I came home, had a bowl of ice cream, and went to bed. The exciting life of a teacher!

5. Finally! I was still exhausted when I got up this morning, and really struggled to make it through the day today. My feet hurt, my back hurt, and, well, I was cranky tired. But we made it through! Plus, I promised them if they were good, we could have an easy day... and play my favorite game!
We had a great time playing Apples to Apples, it's always good for some giggles!

Have a great weekend!


  1. I love the 5 R's -- Don't hear much about Replenish and Repair.

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