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It's in My Blood

I can't remember ever NOT wanting to be a teacher. Sometimes people have asked me what I would be doing if I weren't a teacher. I honestly don't know. (Well, other than a Broadway star, of course!)

Teaching is in my blood.

True, teaching is the only career I witnessed growing up.

If you look at my family background, it's amazing the amount of teachers in my family. (We also have the same background in music! Even my dad, the football coach, spent some time singing in theatre in college! My mom played the violin!)

There was actually a time at the beginning of my career that I had trouble finding a teaching job, and I had to explore other possibilities. There was absolutely nothing else that held my interest. I tried many things: McDonald's, a stereo store, a couple of offices, I even filed drawings of pipes at a construction site. Most of the jobs were satisfactory. I met interesting people, performed the jobs well (except McDonald's, I was terrible at that!)I just didn't get the personal satisfaction that I got from teaching. No matter how tough it was to find a job, I kept finding a way "home". I substituted, I worked at a Day Care Center. Somehow I finally found a job and I'm still there! I've been in the career for 36 years now, and it's my 29th year in my present school. I'm poor as a church mouse, but I'm happy with my career choice. I've touched the lives of hundreds of children, and that's what matters.


  1. I'm with you - I can't imagine doing anything else! Thanks for sharing your story!
    Teachers Are Terrific!

  2. I just love hearing all these stories! Thank you!!

  3. Loved hearing your story! I agree, there is no other job for me!
    Conversations in Literacy


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