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Retelling Stories and a World Series Freebie!

I'm so excited that my favorite team, the Red Sox, are in the World Series, that I'm offering a freebie!

 Everywhere I go, there are people wearing Red Sox gear, growing beards, wearing fake beards, and talking about tonight's game!  Even the mallard family in the Boston Common are decked out in Red Sox gear and even beards!

That's when I knew I had to get into the action.  (Sorry to my friends and followers who are Cardinals fans... The Red Sox are in my blood, I just can't help myself!)

This freebie really has nothing to do with the Red Sox or baseball, or even sports! It just happens to be a skill I'm working on with my kids, that I thought I'd share with my readers.  It's a graphic organizer to help the kids with sequencing and reselling stories.

Just click the link to download the freebie!

Here's how I use it:

I have the kids put a picture or a few key words in the boxes to tell the characters and setting, then the main things that happen at the beginning, middle, and end of the story.

Then, they use this to help them remember the order while they tell about their story.  I often remind children to make sure they tell what the story is mainly about in the first couple of sentences, calling the characters by name.  (One of my pet peeves is when children start a retell with a pronoun!)

The children can either tell their retell to a partner, a small group, or an adult.  I find the more times they tell it, the better the retell gets!  So many kids just need to practice talking in a way that makes sense.  The freebie is just to help them get their thoughts organized.  Maybe later in the year I'll have them write reviews of their books, but not until they get good at telling it!

Go Red Sox!

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