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Opinion Writing Activity for Fall

Opinion Writing Activity for Fall: This blog post contains ideas and samples for the transition from summer to fall, and a freebie opinion writing activity for beginning writers.

We're having some fun bringing the Common Core into the classroom!  Here in New England we are enjoying the changes from summer to autumn, and the colors are truly fantastic!  This is the time of year that I really count my blessings that I live in New England.  Well, there's also winter, spring, and summer, but we won't get into that yet!

I read these two books to the children, talking about why seasons happen, and sharing specifics about summer and autumn.

After a great discussion, the children made drawings to compare summer and autumn.  
Aren't their pictures awesome?  

They really grasps some of the major differences between the two seasons!

They spent a couple of days on those awesome pictures.  As my second graders are still beginning writers, I wanted to make their first Opinion Writing piece successful.  I made a graphic organizer for them, complete with topic sentence choices and concluding sentence choices. (See freebie below!)

Their first Opinion Writing piece of the year?  They had to write about which season they liked best, summer or autumn!  

After filling out the graphic organizers, they had to use the ideas in the organizer to tell their stories. 

The telling of the story is a very important step, especially for my beginning writers.  They ended up telling the story a few times, each time the quality of the story getting better and better.  This "rehearsal" always makes for a more organized, fluent story.  They'll be doing lots more Opinion Writing  pieces this school year, but their first one was a success!

Click the image below for the graphic organizer, and two kinds of writing paper.


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