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Last Friday on Saturday

Yesterday was our last Friday of the 2012-1013 school year.

It's amazing how tired I get this time of year!  It's a total song and dance to get the kids to listen to anything you say, since they're totally fried and overdue for a break.  They're not deliberately naughty, they just can't take in anymore information!  They are saturated, and need time off to let their learning settle so they'll be ready for more learning. This seems like the longest school year ever!

1. Bribery!  Teachers have to resort to bribery this time of year.  We have to dangle some sort of "carrot" so that they'll be motivated to do some work. This is what I used for bribery this week:  computer lab time, craft projects, end of the year "giveaways", the opportunity to speak in front of the school at Monday's assembly, and, of course, extra recess!

2.  Freebie! Last week I posted a math fact trick with an addition and subtraction fact freebie HERE. I have some children who are ready for multiplication, and are quite anxious to get started, so I made up a list for those kids.  You can probably find these lists and tables all over the internet, but I made this one so the patterns would be really easy for the kids to notice.  I skipped the super easy ones so there would be room to go up to the x12s, for those who like an extra challenge! Click the image to download this freebie.

3.  Disappointed!  If you've been following my blog, you may know that I've been piloting a math program for possible use in my district next year.  In February, all the teachers in my district who were piloting got together and recommended the district adopt the enVision math program, which I have absolutely loved. It is completely focused on the Common Core standards, has great manipulatives and loads of videos, online activities, and easy reports.  It presents the material in a sequential manner, and the children had a super successful year.  In March, we presented the program to the Curriculum committee and they recommended it.  In April, we presented to the school board.  They finally took their vote last night, (yes, 2 months later) and they voted to keep the present math program.  Of course, I was disappointed as I packed up my enVision materials yesterday, and pulled out my old Everyday Mathematics materials.  There were many things I liked about Everyday Mathematics, but after having used both programs, enVision was soooooo much better for the kids, and totally about the Common Core standards, which we'll be adopting.  I'm anxious to find out why the School Board voted this way.

4.  Exhausted!  As next Thursday is our last day of school (finally!) I've been spending time after school every day to try to keep up with all the end of school expectations.  My gentleman friend came in and helped me on Friday afternoon.  He helped my pack almost all my books into boxes and into my car.  (I left a few for the last 3 days of school!)  I plan to totally reorganize my books so that I bring different ones into circulation at different times of the year instead of putting them all out in August.  That will save shelf space and keep the kids from getting overwhelmed when they choose books... and make sure they're not sick of the books by March! Of course, right now, I have 7 boxes of books in my living room.  I also have about 12 boxes of seasonal books in my cellar, and about 3 more boxes of books still at school.

5. Comments!  I asked the children to write comments about all the members of our classroom.  I'm putting them into a slide show to give to the kids.  Here's a sneak preview (don't tell the kids yet!) of the comments they made about me.  Do you notice a theme?  One hopes the kids say I'm inspirational or a spectacular teacher, but for the most part, they think I'm funny.  Of course, that's what my mother's students said about her.  When they grew up, they also said she was inspirational and a spectacular teacher.  I can always hope they remember me when they grow up!

Even though it's Saturday, I'm linking up with Doodle Bugs Five for Friday! Click the image to see all the 5 for Friday links!

And I'm linking up on Manic Monday!


  1. Just found you through the linky! Excited that I did! :O) Sorry you didn't get your math program-our district uses enVision, but I've never used Everyday Math, so I can't compare. What a compliment that you kids think you're funny!
    Head Over Heels For Teaching

  2. Thanks for the multiplication fact sheet. This will come in handy! Sorry you didn't get to adopt envision. My school district adopted it 2 years ago, and we love it!


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