Friday, June 28, 2013

Finally on Summer Vacation Friday

Finally!  I am finally on summer vacation, and I couldn't be happier!  This had to be the longest school year ever, and I'm pretty sure that's literally, since I don't remember ever going this late in June in my 35 years of teaching.  Those snow days (and 2 days in October for Hurricane Sandy) were nice breaks at a time, but it didn't make it any sweeter that these little guys had to go to school for several weeks AFTER they were totally fried and unable to learn anything new!  We made the best of the situation, and even managed to have some fun, but it was a very long haul!

Vacation Weather: Of course, this is the weather for my first day of vacation.  I don't think it's what I was dreaming of, but it makes it a little easier to catch up on housework!
Excuse for a Sale:  Being on vacation, seems to be a great excuse to have a sale!  Both my Teachers pay Teachers and my Teachers Notebook stores are having a sale.  Click the links to see more information!

A Seasonal Freebie:  As we are approaching our country's birthday, I wanted to bring attention to my USA mapping freebie. I designed this for beginning mappers in second grade, but could work from grades 1 - 3, depending on the background of the mappers.   Click the image for the link.  

A Flash Freebie:  My "Buggy Syllables" is free for the rest of today June28th.  It's a fun way to practice "chunking" multisyllable words, which is a skill we usually start working on in second grade, but would be great review for older kids, too.  I love using Nonsense Words to practice this skill, since the sight word readers will recognize real words automatically, but they isolate the skill with nonsense words.

That's my Friday Five for the first Friday of my Vacation!  I'm linking up with Doodle Bugs for the traditional Five for Friday!


  1. Yay for you finally being on break!! That does sound like a long year. Enjoy your summer!
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