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Phew, it's Five for Friday!

This Friday is definitely a Phew kind of Friday!  Yes, that seems weird since we had a snow day on Tuesday, but I just couldn't believe how everyone was dragging all week.  So, I'm really ready to celebrate today!  I'm linking up with Doodle Bugs Five for Friday!  Here's 5 random highlights of my week:
1.  Cool crafts!  My students REALLY needed something fun, especially after a tough math test today, so they made these awesome butterflies to help the classroom look springy:  
We used spring colors, folded on the line of symmetry, and made our own butterfly shape.
I know some would have preferred a pattern to make a perfect butterfly shape, but butterflies come in all sizes and shapes.  Plus, I love when all the art projects are somewhat unique.  Each butterfly has its own personality.

Once we shaped and cut our butterfly, we applied paint to one side only... then folded on the line of symmetry so that the designs on the butterfly's wings were symmetrical.
Of course, they were so cute we had to add the googly eyes!
I love my creative students!  And this is only 1 of my five!
2.  Snow day!  Yes, we had yet another snow day this week, so we started spring with a snow cover.  
Although I'm totally sick of snow and winter, I did manage to use the time to get my report cards done!

3.  Winners!  We announced the winners of the blog hop this week!

I wish I could have won that $100!

4. Spring Sale!  I set the price for my new spring collection product at half price until Sunday.  
Check it out HERE:  

5. Done! I know I mentioned this in #2, but I finished my report cards!!!  They have to be checked, then printed, but they're done.  It's amazing how much work they are, but it's so good to be done!

And now... off to enjoy my weekend without the cloud of report cards hanging over me!

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  1. Stopping over from Doodle Bugs! Great for finishing your report cards . . .I know how big a deal that is! Hope your weekend goes well. If you get the chance, I'd love it if you came by my Stress-Free Sunday link up later this weekend.

    Mary Catherine of Fun-A-Day!


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