Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Easter Freebies!

Do you have an Easter freebie to share?  Are you looking for Easter ideas?

I'm stuck at home on yet another snow day in New England, aching for spring.   Not just spring on the calendar (tomorrow at 7:02 am EDT) but the REAL spring! You know, the spring that brings warm weather, green grass, robins, flowers, and did I mention the warm weather?

I felt it was time for an Easter Linky Party.  I hadn't seen any, so I decided to set one up!

Here are my rules:
1.  Please attach my Easter Freebie Linky Party image to your blog posts.
2.  If you're not linking a blog post, please promote my linky party on facebook, Pinterest, twitter, or some other social media.
3.  Please post freebies, not paid products.  Thanks!

And, I thought you'd want to see why I'm so focused on celebrating Easter:  This is the day before Spring in New Hampshire:

I'll go first!


  1. Thanks, Sally - I linked 4 freebies, hope that's not too hoggish! Also just blogged about and pinned your party.

    Hope your snow melts quickly and robins come soon! No snow here in NJ, but it's been an awfully long gray winter. Late this afternoon, the long-lost sun reappeared. I was in the grocery store at the time, and people were practically dancing in the aisles! :)

    Thanks again for the opportunity to link!


  2. Thanks so much, Linda! Last I looked, it was STILL snowing outside!


  3. Thank you for the link up it's a great idea!

  4. thank you so much! I am a new follower and will visit often!

  5. Thanks for hosting this fun linky! I added a freebie here. Better late then never, right? :) I am a new follower!



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