Sunday, November 18, 2012

So Many Things to Be Thankful For!

I'm linking up with the Thankful Linky Party over at Year of Many Firsts!  And another Linky Party over at Stories by Storie If you've been reading my blog for a while, you'll know that I'm a sucker for a good linky party, and what could be better than counting your blessings?

Here are a few things I'm thankful for: 
1.  My beautiful daughter!  She's off in college these days, but I'm glad she's not too far away.  I'm only about an hour from Boston, so I can go see her when she's not too busy doing college stuff!
2.  The man in my life is a gem!  He's interesting, funny, and very patient and understanding.  He "gets" how demanding the life of a teacher is, and understands when I'm too tired to do stuff at the end of the day.  Plus, he's quite good looking, isn't he?
3.  I'm thankful to have the job that I have.  I'm lucky to be in a great school with fantastic kids who have wonderful, caring parents.  To make it even better, I have a great classroom on the sunny side of the building.  (I really need the sun for my state of mind!)
4.  I'm thankful to be a blogger.  Through blogging, I have made some blogging friends who continue to inspire me and help me learn more about teaching as well as blogging.  They are helping me to renew the pride I have in my career!
5.  I'm thankful for my fuzzy little kitty, Mia.  She's quite the little princess, and often a pest, but I can't help but love her!

That's the top 5.  Check out the top ten:  

Be sure to stop over to A Year of Many Firsts and Stories by Storie to see the rest of the Thankful linky party!  It's a great opportunity to get to know some of your favorite bloggers a bit better!

Be sure to stop over at Scholastic as well to see their Virtual Field Trips to Plimouth Plantation!  That's what my little ones will be doing this week!


  1. Thanks for linking up so I could find your blog - I'm a new follower. Have a great Thanksgiving :)
    Stories by Storie

  2. I love virtual field trips!

    Happy thanksgiving.


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