Friday, November 23, 2012

Get Ready for Some Shopping!

There is some awesome shopping to be done!

Some of my blogging friends and I are having a Cyber Monday (and Tuesday) sale on Teachers Pay Teachers!  This is the perfect opportunity to grab some great holiday stuff at a discounted price!
Singular or Plural

Here are a couple of my Holiday items that will be on sale:
Hanukkah Game Board
Singular or Plural gives children loads of opportunities to practice forming regular plurals with holiday words.

Hanukkah Game Board includes the Hanukkah theme with some practice on 2 syllable nonsense words.
Holiday Fluency Package - CCSS Aligned

My Holiday Fluency Package has several pages of holiday themed phrases, and numerous strategies for practicing those phrases to build reading fluency.

There are a few more holiday items, but I wanted to share my latest product, which has nothing to do with the holidays, but has a lot to do with what my students are working on now:

Band-Aid or Lasso?
Band-Aid or Lasso? is about contractions, plural and possessive nouns.  I designed this set of activities for those students who have difficulty remembering when to use the apostrophe and when to leave it out.  

Finally, here's a freebie!  It's my very favorite holiday activity.  It's one of those win-win activities that I bring back every year.  It's fun for the kids, easy for the adults, and works some valuable skills:  visualizing and summarizing.  Plus, you get to enjoy some really great classic music and a classic story as well!

Be sure to visit the stores of my "bloggy friends" below!  Honestly, when I'm not using my own materials, I'm using theirs!  

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