Saturday, September 22, 2012

Whining and Winning!

Well, I really wouldn't consider it whining when I specifically asked for sources of stress at school for my recent giveaway!  But I do love a little word play in the title!

If you recall on THIS post, Angela Watson from A Cornerstone for Teachers was giving away one of her books.

Readers were asked to comment with a source of stress in their school life.  Here are some of the sources of stress that were shared:
  • lack of funding
  • lack of resources
  • lack of time
  • hostility among teachers
  • demanding parents
  • high stakes testing
  • meeting AYP
  • the role of testing in teacher evaluation
  • students with out of control tempers
  • politics in schools
  • more and more expected of teachers, without time to do it
  • difficult students
  • pay based evaluation
  • teachers complaining about struggling students rather than doing something about it
Yes, I'm sure you already knew teaching is stressful, but after looking at this list, I think we all need Angela's books!

But here's the lucky winner of the whining: (Just kidding, it was letting off steam in the right place!)

Melanie, you'll be hearing from Angela! Congratulations :)

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