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The Best Fire Drill Ever!

My students and I have been chatting about Fire Drills for a few days now.  The children brainstormed what was important during a fire drill, and we came up with this amazing list!  (Click image to download.)  
Some of the things we discussed:  the loud noise makes us jump, and sometimes we feel like giggling.  However, we know that fire drills are important and we need to take them seriously.  I did tell them we could giggle about it once we got back to class.  I also mentioned that we're never really sure if it's a practice or a real fire until the principal tells us it's safe to go back in.  I certainly don't want to scare the daylights out of these little ones, but I wanted to make sure they took the fire drill seriously.

We knew there was going to be a fire drill today, and were ready for it.

When the fire drill came, it was the most amazing thing ever!  As always, the sudden loud noise made us jump.  I could tell the children were tempted to giggle, but they held it together.  They quickly went to the door, and waited for the signal to go.  They walked outside, staying together, totally focused on getting to our meeting place.  Once they got there, they stood quietly and waited, facing the woods.  I counted the children, they were all there, and we waited.  Then the principal told us it was safe to go inside.  

The children were just as amazing walking back into the building.  They sat down and I gave them a chance to giggle, as well as chat about how it went.  We all agreed, it went VERY well!

I've been teaching for 35 years and I honestly don't remember the first fire drill of the year ever going this smoothly! 
Tomorrow we'll start the "Fire Safety What ifs"!  Click the image to download this freebie!

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