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Look What I've Got!

I think I was one of the few teachers left that didn't have a document camera.  Well, now I do!  I feel like I finally joined the 21st century!

This is the one I got.  It's beautiful!  It's teeny tiny, and fits right on my projector cart, and connects to my laptop.  I'm imagining all the wonderful things I can do with it, from sharing children's work to demonstrating science experiments to modeling math problems with manipulatives.

I think the best part is that I can get rid of that clunky overhead projector.  I admit, the overhead projector helped a lot of children learn a lot of stuff, but it's so 20th century!  I'm definitely ready for the document camera!

Now that I've got it, I'm looking for ideas on how to use it.  Do you have a document camera?  How do you use it?


  1. I have the same camera... I LOVE IT! It's so simple and small. I love that I don't need a special table for it like I would an Elmo. And, it was cost effective! I'm so glad you shared it with the blogging world!

  2. I use it for every thing! I model every thing I want the kids to do. It is so much easier for them to follow along with me! http://kindergartenfunn.blogspot.com/ One of the things you will see on my blog is number journals. We do these daily for the number of the day & the kids can follow right along. It goes so much more smoothly with a document camera. :)

  3. I project my read-aloud onto the screen with my document camera. I enjoy reading so much more when the illustrations are now super-sized!


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