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Meet the Teacher Night!

I'm starting to get nervous about Wednesday's "Meet the Teacher" night!  Although I still haven't decided what to wear, I've pretty much narrowed down what I'm going to do!  Here are my ideas:

  1. Play fun music so that all who visit will smile and know that my classroom is a fun place!
  2. Play the Open House Power Point I've prepared.  It's an updated version of what I did last year, and tells about myself, what second graders learn, and our schedule.  (I will put it on a timer so it continues to loop while visitors come in and out, that way I'll be available for hellos and questions and it will allow for people who arrive at different times.)
  3. Have the children do a little "Scavenger Hunt" to get to know the classroom.
  4. Give out some papers that say pretty much the same thing the Power Point says. I'll also give out a book order and a questionnaire for parents to return at a later date.
I've attached copies of some of these papers  Click HERE or click the image for copies of my Open House pages.  Although my name is on some of them, feel free to use these ideas for your own Open House and introduction to the students and their families!

Click HERE to see the post with Open House ideas when I wrote a guest post for Really Good Stuff's blog, The Teachers Lounge.


  1. Seems you are ready for success! Sounds fun and inviting. The thorough preparation is helpful for all :)

    Always A Lesson

  2. Gretchen,
    Thanks, it went really well!


  3. Hope all goes as well this year! I am putting all of my info on my class website and using it to present from. This way the parents get familiar with the site and hopefully use it more!

  4. Sally,
    Love the idea of playing music!! I will be using that one also!! Thanks for the freebie!


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