Monday, July 30, 2012

Daily 5 Chapter 7 Plus a Freebie

We have reached the end of the Daily 5 Book Study.  Chapter 7 was all about Putting it All Together and Troubleshooting. The recommendation is to launch the "Choice" aspect of Daily 5 well after introducing the 5 components separately, then giving the children plenty of opportunity to practice each part before allowing the choice.  This really makes a lot of sense, since it's so important to teach them the right way to do each choice.  Those first few weeks will be tricky, since I want to focus on doing the parts correctly!

Of course, this all happens with a grain of salt.  My district has very strict guidelines on what we should be doing with the children during our literacy block, and we have a separate writing time which isn't flexible.  Because we have a several reading/ language "have tos", it will be tough to have several focus lessons and several Independent Work times each day.  There's also the challenge of an assigned writing time, which isn't flexible, as well as Tier 2 and Tier 3 times that couldn't be used for Daily 5.  

But somehow I'll fit it in.  I can see opportunities for 2, sometimes 3 focus lesson/ Independent Work times daily, which would happen while I teach Reading Groups.  I'll do my best to make it work within my restrictions.  Of course, whichever the children didn't get to one day, they'd start with that on the next day.

Click to Download Freebie
I do like the idea of a daily check in.  I've always done a Status of the Class, (available as a freebie, click HERE or click the image to the left!) in both Independent Reading as well as Independent Writing.  I agree with the sisters, it gives the children more accountability and independence when they know their choice has been written down.  When I use these sheets, I don't just write if the child is reading or writing, I write then name of the book the child is reading or the topic of the child's writing.  (Naturally beginning readers will be reading more than one book per session, but I write the one they start with.)

Click to see more helpful sheets for Literacy.
I'm also planning to use a Daily 5 record sheet for the children to use.   Click HERE (or click the image) to see my record sheets as well as several other related Literacy Center Record Sheets from Teachers pay Teachers.

I was pleased to see a schedule in the Appendix for "Launching the Daily 5 - The First Five Weeks". You'd better believe I've already got this bookmarked, and I'll be using it as my bible for the first 5 weeks! 

Don't forget to check out the linky below to see more ideas on Chapter 7 of the Daily 5!


  1. What a great idea! I will be coming back to "new" (to me) desks that are similar to this. Wonder if it would drive me crazy to try and do 25 of them? How much tape did it take you to complete your desks? Inclusion Instruction


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