Thursday, July 26, 2012

Tell Me More, Tell Me More

Step into 2nd Grade with Mrs. Lemons is having a linky party.  You might have noticed I'm a sucker for a good linky party.  This particular one is asking bloggers to tell more about themselves.  It caught my attention because the name of it sounds like the beginning of that song from Grease!  (I'm a big fan of musical theatre!)

So, here are some things about me.
I'm not just a fan of musical theatre, but I'm an experienced actress!  I've been in close to 100 different productions, and had some amazing roles.  My first big role was Nellie Forbush in South Pacific. (It was also my first stage kiss!)  I've also played Connie in A Chorus Line, Lucy in You're a Good Man Charlie Brown, Lady Thiang in The King and I, Golde in Fiddler on the Roof, and Sister Amnesia in Nunsense.

Here's a video from when I was in You're a Good Man Charlie Brown.  (I'm Lucy in the blue dress... sorry, the sound quality is terrible, but it was a super fun show!)

And from the same show, our finale... this is a great song!

Here are a couple of pictures.. this is my character Sister Mary Amnesia from Nunsense, singing a "duet" with "Sister Mary Annette" called  So You Want to be a Nun?  This show was particularly funny for me, since I went to Catholic school many years ago.  It was very special to me since it was an ensemble cast... only 5 women, and one of them was my daughter.  (She played Sister Leo, the novice who wanted to be the first nun-ballerina.)  Shows with ensemble casts have always been my favorite, since everyone matters, there are no egos.  These casts tend to be particularly close, which makes it even more rewarding.

This last one actually appeared in a blog post not that long ago.  This is Golde from Fiddler on the Roof.  My character had just found out that Yente the matchmaker found a match for my oldest of 5 daughters.  Again, this one is special, since my daughter was in it with me.  She played Hodel, the second daughter who sang the heart wrenching song Far From the Home I Love.
Something else about me:  I was a single mom for 16 of my daughter's 19 years.  This certainly wasn't by choice, but when I look back, there were a lot of advantages to being a single mom of one.  For one thing, it was easy to be involved in theatre, since she loved it too.  Another great thing was that it was easy to travel.  We took a few trips together, but the best were the semi-annual trips we took to Disney. Our first trip was right before she turned 3. (right after her father left)  Then we went again when she was 5.  When her dance troupe went to Disney at age 7, we realized we'd started a tradition.  Now that she's in college, the tradition is broken because we no longer have the same vacations, but we have some fantastic memories. On our last visit, she was old enough to take the "backstage tour", which was awesome.  She also was in "The American Idol Experience", which was also awesome. 

Not really me, but related to me:  My brother David Bondelevitch, also a blogger, recently won his second Emmy!  He won for Sound Designer for the documentary Above the Ashes.  David is an Assistant Professor at the University of Colorado. (Teaching runs in the family, my parents were both educators, and my sister teaches Family and Consumer Science at a high school!)   David's blog includes loads of topics, but the main focus is film, of course.  (If you ever want to know what movies to see, read his reviews HERE.) Interesting that he and I both lean toward the arts, while our dad was a Phys. Ed. director!  (My sister got the athletic genes!) 
One more thing about me:  I've been dating a man that I've known for over 50 years.  Apparently we took the same carpool to Kindergarten. (He does have far more memories about Catholic School than I have!)  We knew each other through high school, but not well.  He did play football for my father, which is very cool.  (My dad was my hero, and there aren't many people still around that knew him!)  We ran into each other a couple of years ago, and the rest is history.  We're both single parents with kids in college.  I was divorced for a very long time before I could trust a man again.  It's nice to be with someone again, and this guy is a gem!  

Well, this is more about me than anyone would ever want to know!   Hopefully I haven't scared you away!


  1. What wonderful memories you made at Disney with your daughter. I'll bet she'll continue the tradition with her children.

    1. Michelle,

      We've already talked about going to Disney when she has kids! I'll tag along to babysit so she can go on Space Mountain with her husband!


  2. Thanks for sharing. I love that you found someone you use to know. That was the same with me and my husband. We knew each other in high school but he's a little younger than me. We both moved back home and he happen to see me turning into school one day. It's so funny how things work out.
    Ms. Kerri and her Krazy Kindergarten

    1. Kerri,

      I agree, it's funny how things work out! Strangely, we didn't recognize each other at first. We both grew up in Massachusetts, live in New Hampshire, but ran into each other in Rhode Island. I think it was meant to be!


  3. Enjoyed reading about you! :)

  4. I am your newest follower.
    Stop by soon.
    I am having a Give Away - Stop by & Enter to Win.



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