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12 Fascinating Blog Posts

Accelerated Degree ProgramsWell, this was a surprise!

I opened up my email the other day to find I had been nominated for a blog award.  I wasn't sure what to make if it, especially since the post Time for a Celebration is the one that got me the nomination.  I didn't think there was a whole lot of fascinating content to that post.  It was a giveaway.  If I were going to nominate myself as the "Most Fascinating Blog of 2012", I'd pick one of these posts:

I could name a few more that I think fit the title of Fascinating!
Accelerated Degree Programs
But I'm still honored, and I'll let my readers know how they can vote for me.  In the meantime:
Happy Teacher Appreciation Week to me!  Apparently, someone finds me fascinating!


  1. Love all that brain stuff!! Thanks for these posts and congrats on being fascinating.

    The Corner On Character

    1. Barbara,

      Thanks! Glad you like the brain stuff!


  2. Everyone I know got one! hehe Maybe we will all win!! Also, Really Good Stuff is nominating blogs right now, too. You might want to go check it out!
    Best Practices 4 Teaching

  3. Jenn,

    I know a lot of great blogs were nominated. I'll have to check out Really Good Stuff as well!



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