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Eggs-cellent Freebie

Eggs-cellent Freebie: Kids love finding little treasures in those little plastic eggs. Here's a freebie and some links to other Easter Egg ideas!

I bought a bunch of plastic Easter eggs at the Dollar Store, and decided to Easter Egg Fillers today. I was looking forward to giving the kids a some skills to practice, so I chose 2 digit addition. I also included a blank page for users to plug in their own skill for the kiddos to practice.  
make a game for the kids to play
with the eggs.  I planned to create my

As I was browsing the teacher blog world this morning, I happened to see three other activities that also used Easter Eggs!  I guess I didn't invent it, but it goes to show it's a popular activity for the kids, and we all managed to be unique with what we're doing with the eggs!

On the Teachers Pay Teachers newsletter, there were two of them!  There was the Easter Egg Showdown by Laura Candler of Teaching Resources.  The other was Jelly Bean Math Freebie by Jennifer Kadar of Empowering Little Learners and Simply Centers.  Both of these Freebies are great!

Then, of course, I was browsing around on my facebook page, and I found a post by Rachel of Minds in Bloom, which brought me to this post!  Be sure to check this one out, Rachel's activities are the best!

When you're done with all these activities with plastic eggs, maybe you'll have time for a couple of my other Easter related activities:

Easter Egg Math Fact Game - practice basic addition and subtraction facts with an Easter Egg theme

Easter Nouns and Adjectives - a sorting game for parts of speech

There sure are a lot of eggs-citing activities out there!  Enjoy!


  1. Thanks so much for recommending my post! I followed your lead and linked up your post too. Great freebie! I know my readers will love it.

    Minds in Bloom

  2. I have given you the One Lovely Blog award!! Head over to my blog at http://mrspedtechtalk.blogspot.com/ to receive it! -Jenifer

  3. Hi!! I am your newest follower! I found your blog through TBTS!



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