Sunday, February 19, 2012

Ten Picture Prompts

I've been trying to get my students to think about character traits while they are writing.  I've been showing them pictures of children, trying to get them to imagine what that child would say, and how they would say it.  Some of them are delightfully imaginative, and create interesting characters!

  It just so happens that Kathie of The Diary of a Not So Wimpy Teacher, along with Selina of Classroom Magic are sponsoring a linky party for picture prompts.  Here are mine!

What would you say if you were inside an invisible box?  How would you get out?
What happened to make this boy so happy?  What would you say to him?  What do you think he would say?  What will he do next?
What do you think this boy will find when he gets to the bottom of the stairs?
What is this girl thinking about?  What would you say to her?

What is this boy hiding behind his back?  What will you say to him to convince him to show you?

What will you ask this girl about the book she is reading?  What book would you suggest she read next?

What could you say to this boy to get him to finish his homework?  What do you think he will do?

What will you say to this boy to get him to go all the way into the water?  What do you think he will say?

How could you convince this boy to share his ice cream cone?

Would you like to join this boy sledding?  How would you ask him?
Check out this link for lots more picture prompts!

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