Filling our Buckets

I read this book to my second graders on the first school day of 2012, and it was a big hit! 

My students have done some brainstorming, and they came up with lots of ideas about how they can fill the buckets of others.

These are some of their ideas:

Invite a friend for dinner.

Say, “I like your haircut”.

Play a game with someone.

Help a friend with his math.

Help a friend break a bad habit.

Help a sister/ brother clean her/ his room.

Share colored pencils with someone.

Ask someone to sit with you.

Ask someone “how was school?”

Treat someone like you want to be a friend.

Pick up their jacket if it is on the ground.

Be kind to your parents.

Smile at your teacher.

Say hi to people when you pass them, or smile.

Hug your mom.

Tell your mom, “I really appreciate you for doing the laundry for me.”

Make your family breakfast.

Read your little brother a book.

Say, “I like your shirt.”

Say, “Good job!”

If I played with my friend, that would fill my bucket and her bucket.

If you see someone without a friend, you could play with them and be their friend.

First thing, smile at them.

Stand up to the bully when someone is getting bullied and getting sad.

Don’t tattletale.

Do the Pledge of Allegiance every day.

Follow rules

You can invite a friend to your house.

Say, “Would you like to be my friend?”

Say, “You’re a nice friend.”

Say. “I love you” to your mom or dad.

You could walk to the nurse’s office with someone if they’re sick.

If someone is lonely, you could meet them and make a friend.

What a great bunch of kids... we even decided to change our "high/ low" time to sharing how we filled each others' buckets!  (See this post for information about high/ low!)

I did find out that this series of books has a website!  It's called Bucket Fillers!  They have resources, and links, and even an e-newsletter!  Take a peek!



  1. If you EVER get a chance to meet the author (an ExPeRt bucket filler!), you'll absolutely LOVE her! Glad your kiddos liked her treasure.


  2. FYI: Target has really really cute silver buckets in the dollar section. I got one for my bucket fillers! :)

  3. Barbara,

    I'd LOVE to meet her!


  4. Kelley,

    Those sound real cute, I'll have to check those out!



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