Thanksgiving Freebie

Here's a freebie for Thanksgiving!  
It's a "old Maid" type game for children to practice their +9 math facts.  
My kids love this game and practice it over and over! 
 Just click the link for the freebie!

This one's not a freebie, but it's one of mine and my students' favorite Thanksgiving activities.  

I'm big on getting the kids to do the illustrations.  For one thing, I'd prefer they be creative rather than me. For another thing, as they illustrate, they're internalizing the knowledge, getting it to stick! (There's plenty of brain research out there to back this up!) It's a strategy I use often, and the kids love it, too!

I read a couple of stories lately to the children about the first Thanksgiving, and we talk about it.  Sometimes we do a Guided Imagry activity to get them to really think about what it was like to be there. 
I've even shown a couple of videos.  (Try these, from Scholastic!)

I like to round things by giving the children an opportunity to illustrate the story.

I always play some classical music while I let them illustrate.  It lets the creative juices flow.
This is a perfect opportunity to see if they've learned what I want them to learn! It's also a nice keepsake for the children to remember the story, and share with their families on Thanksgiving Day!

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