Did you check for S.P.U.N.C?

Whenever my children have completed some written work, I always tell them to check it for S.P.U.N.C. before passing it in. 

What's S.P.U.N.C?  It stands for Spelling, Punctuation, Use of words, Neatness, and Capitalization. 

I suggest the kids do a "finger read" as they double check for each part of S.P.U.N.C, that really helps them figure out if they left out a word or wrote something that usually makes sense.

Sometimes I'll remind the kids to make their work S.P.U.N.C.Y. 
What does the Y stand for?  Your very best work!


  1. A good idea but...

    Couldn't use this acronym. In my country it means something rather erm... rude! :-S

  2. A great way to remember to check your writing.

  3. Thanks for the comments. Anonymous, yikes, I'm sorry to hear that!



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