Pencil Sharpeners and Other Pet Peeves

Rachel of Sub Hub asked a question today on facebook, which gave me my inspiration for today's blog entry.  Her comment was:
 Pencil sharpeners are from the devil. Like if you agree. :-)
She got tons of responses.  Clearly, many people have strong feelings about pencil sharpeners!

It got me thinking about all the little things we experience during our day that make us the loony people that we are. 

Obviously, pencil sharpeners are a pet peeve of many teachers.  They are loud, Children love to use them constantly.  They grind away at their pencils rather than get their work done.  Teachers have all kinds of strict rules about when and how the pencils get sharpened. 

I have a few other pet peeves:

Staplers:  Why do children have to use a million staples to hold 2 pieces of paper together?  Why do they remove the staples, but the staples never actually make it to the trash?  Why do they add one more page, and another thousand staples? 

Glue Sticks:  Why do they have to roll the entire stick of glue out before gluing one small paper?  Why don't they roll it back down before putting on the cover, so the cover ends up glued onto the gluestick?  Why do they have to smear glue all over a larger piece of paper to glue a small item on top, so that glue is exposed on all the sides and their paper sticks to the next paper in the pile?

Standing and Walking in Line:  Why can't they just walk?  Why do they have to turn around while they're walking?  Why do they have to trade places?  Why do they have to start World War III over who is going to be last in line?  Why do they have to fight over who shuts off the lights?  Why can't they walk without touching the wall?  Why can't they walk without touching each other?  Why can't they walk without chanting my name over and over?

Transitions:  Why can't they move from one area of the room to the other without stopping to chat?  Why can't they move without fighting over space?  Why can't they move without chanting my name over and over? 

And the final pet peeve for the day:

Straw wrappers:  You know those little wrappers that come with juice boxes?  They never make their way to the waste basket!  I don't know why, but the wrappers are on their desks long after snack time is over. 

I tend to overact on the straw wrappers.  I'll say... in a very dramatic voice... Is that a straw wrapper?  The kids know this is a pet peeve of mine so I'll dramatically cover my eyes and start to count...and the kids will scramble to get the straw wrapper into the trash before I open my eyes again.  It's funny how a teacher covering her eyes will get the attention of every child.

Honestly, by the end of the year all these little things are gone.  I do train them well, so hopefully the third grade teachers have a more pleasant experience! 

What are some of your pet peeves? 



  1. Staplers are my biggest pet peeve! I have taught 34 years and there has been no improvement, in fact I believe they have gotten worse, over the years! I hate how they're always jamming!
    Sharpeners are another pet peeve of mine too. Some teachers allow those ever-sharp type pencils to avoid the use of sharpeners, but I find the kids become obsessed with inserting leads (boys mostly)! Hand held Sharpeners are okay but there are so many shavings that end up on the floor!
    White glue is another pet peeve of mine! Only Elmers makes a decent spout! Students always use far too much glue, even with constant reminders and chants, & they squirt it too close to the edges.

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