Monday, September 5, 2011

Top Ten!

Well, I'm just thrilled.  I've been honored as a Top Ten Teacher Blogger at...

As a beginner blogger (just one month, yesterday)  I'm absolutely thrilled to be noticed!

Now the difficult task of choosing my top ten.  Hmmm, again, as a beginner, there are probably a lot of great blogs I haven't found yet.  Or, in some cases, I found them and I'm still trying to remember how to get back to them!  I am completely blown away by how many wonderful teacher blogs are out there in cyberland, and I'm just really getting to know the world of teacher blogs.  (I must say, I've learned a whole lot from these people, even those whose blogs I seem to have lost track of!) If you asked me my top ten next week, I probably would come up with several others.  Well, these are my favorites today:  (in no special order, of course!)

Wow, that's just the beginning!  Be sure to visit these ten people's sites, it's definitely worth the click, and don't forget to visit Rachel's site at Minds in Bloom who was kind enough to notice me!


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