Thursday, September 22, 2011

Great Things are Happening!

Yep, great things are happening in my classroom!  We've been in class for 15 school days so far, and we have already accomplished a whole lot!

We've been working on procedures for every part of the day:  first thing in the morning, independent reading, whole group lessons, reading groups, coming back from lunch and recess, math procedures, writer's workshop, and packing up at the end of the day.  We're still working on these, but we're making progress!

My district uses Reading Street.  We are halfway through the second week on Space Exploration, and are studying long vowels with the vowel/ consonant/ silent e pattern.  (The kids are doing a fantastic job with this pattern!)  We are also working on identifying subjects in a sentence, finding the main idea, and looking for the beginning, middle, and end of a story.

In math, my district uses Everyday Mathematics.  We're almost through Unit 1, and have reviewed most major concepts from first grade including clocks, money, comparing numbers, and using calculators.  Unit 2 starts the real "meat" of second grade math!

In Social Studies, we've been celebrating the USA all week in honor of Constitution Day.  They have been working on maps, flags, books, and pictures of some of the symbols of our country. In Science, we'll be starting our unit on Shadows! 

We do Writer's Workshop every day!  We start with a mini lesson, then the children spend time writing and conferencing.  I can honestly say that today was the best day I've seen so far this year during Writer's Workshop.  All of the students were very focused and making good progress on their stories! 

I have to admit, this blog is the result of my mini lesson today.  Our focus was thinking in terms of what the audience wants to know.  I talked about my teacher blog, and how I'm often thinking of my readers.  They brainstormed for me, and many students thought that other teachers would want to know what we're doing in class.  Again, my students prove to be brilliant!

That's worthy of a few beanies!


  1. Isn't it crazy how we teachers are so detail oriented about procedures?! I know others who are not but I have to say it sure makes life easier around Christmas time!! You seem to have A LOT going on in a few short weeks!! GOOD FOR YOU!!

  2. Yes, Tracy Lee, I agree, focusing on procedures now makes life easier around Christmas! Thanks for the comment!



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