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Putting Together the Class Library

My body aches and I'm struggling to keep my eyes open, but I feel like I got something done in my classroom today.  I organized my classroom library.

When I first got there yesterday, this is what my classroom library looked like.  I tend to get the ickiest furniture.  I have a couple of wooden shelves, and these awful metal cabinets.  I wished I could have painted them, or lined them with some pretty paper, but I don't have that sort of time (or talent... or money!)  We only have 5 days total in the classroom, and I have a whole lot of work to do!  So I got to unpacking all the books I packed in the cubbies 6 weeks ago. 
I splurged this year and bought matching purple and blue baskets from the Dollar Store.  I still had some of my labels, but some need to be redone, and I've done some reorganizing, so I'll need some new categories as well.  It was a challenge to make the tubs of books visually appealing to the children, and also easily accessable for the little ones.  I began taking out tubs, wiping out the old tubs, and putting the books into the new plastic baskets.  Of course I found a few books completely out of place, and I found a whole lot of dust.  My daughter dropped by to help me Monday afternoon and did her share of rearranging, dusting, and placing the new baskets onto the shelves.  We left Monday, exhausted, and my room looked like an explosion. 
I stayed up too late last night  typing and printing copies of papers because my printer at school isn't hooked up yet.  (I finally got to my school files on Monday, and emailed myself several documents so I could print them at home.)  After a late start this morning, I pulled out the rest of the books, went through every book in every file, and got all the books sorted.  I also sorted out several books so I'd have some "new" books later in the year when the supply is getting stagnated.  I also pulled out four of my favorite author collections for the beginning of the year:  Rosemary Wells, Kevin Henkes, Gail Gibbons, and Mercer Mayer. 

I have a few labels left to make and laminate, but I'm very happy that one of the most important parts of my classroom is complete:  my library.  My students always have a good attitude toward books, and  I work hard to make sure they have plenty of good choices so they continue that positive attitude!

In the meantime, I still have miles to go before I'm ready for Monday's Open House.  And only 3 more days to work in the classroom.  Yikes!

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