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I have had the privilege of reading Laura Candler's book Power Reading Workshop: A Step by Step Guide.  Laura's book is unique in that it goes into detail about each step along the way of the Reading Workshop.  She gives a clear structure for the first ten days, including a reading inventory for the children, read aloud suggestions, and a structure for mini lessons.  These first ten days start from getting to know your students' reading habits, and progress through modeling conferences and responding to reading.  Once you've established these routines, you're ready to move on to Reading Workshop daily in your classroom!

Laura's book has just about everything you'll need to run a Reading Workshop in your classroom including lists of skills, reading response activities, assessment ideas, and even tips from Laura on nearly every page.  She has clear instructions and ideas about how to conduct individual reading conferences with your students, complete with forms for weekly reading goals for each child and lists of skills to work on individually with each student. (Many of these forms and sheets are available free on her website.)   It's clear that she is an experienced teacher and has been using Power Reading Workshops successfully. 

My district uses Reading Street for our reading instruction, but we are still required to have our students read independently daily, and we are expected to conference with each child on their Independent Reading.  I assure you, I'll be using this resource to set up the Reading Routines the first few weeks of school, and through the rest of the year as I conference with individuals.  I predict my students' enthusiasm for reading will surge as quickly as their skills.

Please visit Laura's website to discover more about her accomplishments.  You'll find out more about her resources including more books as well as videos and webinars.  Go here for more about Laura's book, Power Reading Workshop: A Step by Step Guide.  It's an exceptional resource.  If you subscribe to Laura's newsletter you can get the cheapest price PLUS the digital version for free when they buy the print version? Thanks, Laura for the opportunity to read your book!

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